How to Reverse Gum Recession Naturally

Can gum recession be reversed naturally without surgery? Yes they can! However, let's first understand a few things about gingival recession.

Gums are made up of soft tissue that covers up the jaw bones in the mouth. The gum ligaments and tissue help to hold the teeth in place. They also cover the roots of teeth and protect them from damage. Sometimes, due to gum disease or infections, the gums begin to recede. They pull or shrink back and the roots of the teeth can be exposed. When the roots of the teeth are exposed they are open to infection and will become very sensitive.

So you want to know how to reverse receding gums naturally? Before looking at some common sense tips, it is vitally important that you identify the root cause.

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Causes Of Gum Recession

Before we can discuss the reversal of receding gums, we must first identify the causes of gum recession. Gum tissue can begin to recede due to a number of causes. Once we understand the causes, we can begin to reverse the condition and restore that beautiful smile.

Brushing too hard with a hard-bristled brush.
Over Aggressive brushing with the wrong brush can wear away your gum tissue. Instead use a soft-bristled brush and brush in a circular motion.

Poor oral hygiene
Teeth should be gently but thoroughly brushed. Aggressive brushing can lead to receding gums. Use a soft bristled brush and be careful to avoid damaging tender delicate gum tissue. Brush in a small circular motion and consider using a smaller headed toothbrush. Many electric toothbrushes do this for you so all you do is hold the brush and move it around in your mouth. Do this after each and every meal for best results.

Tobacco use.
Chewing and smoking tobacco can have long-term ill effects on teeth and gums.

Drug use.
Certain types of drugs can suppress your immune system and make you more susceptible to bacteria overgrowth and possible gum tissue and bone loss.

Teeth grinding.
Some people may find that when they are under stress they tend to grind their teeth (bruxism), especially at night. Some use mouth guards to help prevent this if they cannot stop on their own.

Bacterial Infections (this is usually the top reason).
If there is any infection in the mouth it can lead to serious consequences including receding gums as well as loss of teeth. If there is an abscess have it treated immediately and make sure to have teeth cleaned at least twice per year. The dentist can give further recommendations as to why infections seem to happen more frequently in some people than in others. Below is the process of bacterial infection if not stopped.

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How to Repair Receding Gums with Common Sense Natural Tips

Healthy Nutrition as a Foundation For Great Dental Health

The foods that we eat are vital to our mouth health. It’s easy to get caught up in a lot of preservative laden foods but the best diet will have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients like plenty of Vitamin C which can have a great impact upon gum health. An added bonus is that Vitamin C helps to promote regeneration in cells and this includes the gums.

Choose fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamins. Fruits like strawberries and pineapple which contain vital nutrients and vitamins for teeth will help to reduce inflammation. Vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower are also good choices for healthier gums.

Take Vitamins and Minerals May Help Gingival Recession

Mother was right. It’s important to take your vitamins. Not just for your body, but also for healthy teeth and gums.

Take supplements like calcium to help build up your bones and give your gums a healthy hold on the gum line. Consider also ginkgo biloba which can help to improve your circulation.

While Vitamin C is available in foods it should also be added into the diet as a supplement. Other suggested vitamins are Coenzyme Q10 and Zinc. Both can help lead to healthier gums and improved immunity both which are vital to healthy gums that aren’t receding.

Be Mindful Of Sugar-laden Beverages

It’s easy to get caught up in the soda drinking craze. But, for proper gum health, consider drinking more water and less soda.

Soda, and other sugar laden beverages can feed bacteria that are a major culprit in gum disease. Particles of food that are left in the mouth after eating can become even more damaging when sugary liquids are added to the diet.

If you’re going to drink something that is laden with sugar, consider at least putting some water into the mouth and swishing it around and then spitting it out after consuming the sugary drink.

This simple act can help to reduce the sugars as well as food particles that are left on the teeth. However, they may still negatively affect your health. Over the course of time, you must monitor sugar intake if you want to reduce inflammation and restore healthy gum tissue, thus created a healthy environment to restore receding gums.

It is also suggested that avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help to improve receding gums. If you must have that morning cup of coffee, be sure to rinse and spit with clear water after ingesting your coffee.

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Avoid Too Much White Flour and Processed Foods in General

how to reverse gum recessionWhile this one may seem a bit far-fetched, more studies are showing that overly processed foods can be a contributing factor in a myriad of health issues including gum disease.

White flour is processed through a variety of processes and according to some, may lead to receding gums. It’s not too difficult to switch to whole grains and more wholesome foods and see if that doesn’t have an effect on receding gums. Overall, you need to maintain a robust immune system.

Healthy gums are a result of a healthier immune system. So reducing any inflammation in the body will go far in helping to improve the gums. If you try any treatment, first make sure that you do not have a compromised immune system or chronic inflammation.

Oil Pulling For Healthy Gums (Another Consideration)

A relatively new concept many is called oil pulling. While it may sound foreign, it’s actually a form of Ayurvedic treatment for helping to reverse receding gums.

Here is how it’s done. Using organic coconut oil, place one tablespoon of the coconut oil into the mouth. This will be in a solid form but will melt after it’s placed into the mouth. One secret ingredient is to add one to two drops of OraMD, a botanical solution proven to kill bacteria, which is the main cause of gum recession.

It doesn’t have a bad taste so it’s fairly easy to do. Now, without swallowing (again, you want to avoid those toxins being ingested), swish it around in the mouth.

Some people find that one tablespoon is too much so if this is the case, start out with one or two teaspoons of coconut oil and work your way up to one tablespoon.

Continue swishing this in and around the gums and teeth making sure to get the entire mouth. Do this for about 20 minutes. Suck it through the teeth or pull it through the various areas of the mouth (hence the name oil pulling) until each and every area has been rinsed.

After about 20 minutes (you may wish to start out with a shorter time frame) spit it out into the trash. Since coconut oil is a solid it will return to a solid and can clog the drain. If ingested those toxins will go into the body so avoid swallowing this as much as possible.

Oil pulling can be done a few times per day, after meals or before. It can also be done on a weekly basis once the teeth and gums are doing better. Many people swear by this treatment on how to reverse receding gums.

Daily Follow a Good Oral Hygiene Program:

If your wondering how to stop receding gums you’ll want to first follow a daily dental hygiene program. For optimal gum health it is vital that you put the following into practice, particularly the first one.

– Regular Visits to Your Dentist or Medical Professional
Many dentists will perform a deep cleaning and root planing, both of which can help to reduce receding gums. Regular visits to your dentists and medical professional ought to be a part of any good oral hygiene program.

can receding gums be reversed– Root scaling and root planing. These techniques remove the plaque and tartar that you can’t get to that is underneath of the gum line and between the gum line and the root of the tooth. Over time this plaque and tartar could cause the gums to recede and lead to further damage.

– Antibiotic drugs for receding gums. The dentist may also prescribe some antibiotics to help reduce inflammation and kill off any bacteria that could cause further damage.

– Sugary Gum. In extreme cases the dentist may do surgery for deep pockets of plaque and tartar that can lead to receding gums. This may include some grafting of tissue to help restore gums to a healthier state. The soft tissue is taken from a healthier area of the mouth and grafted over the damaged gum to provide a healthier layer and prevent gum loss.

– Rule out other medical conditions. It is important to note any other medical conditions that may be contributing to your dental problems. Stabilizing these conditions may be necessary before successfully following a receding gums treatment.  Taking care of such conditions is the first step in helping to reduce inflammation and gingival recession.

– Brush your teeth after meals.
Follow proper tooth-brushing techniques such as smaller heads, softer bristles and small, round circular motions. Follow up by flossing between teeth, especially hard to get to areas where foods may become lodged between tooth and the gum line.

– Use only the Best Natural Toothpaste for gum recession
Use a toothpaste solution that kills bacteria, but does not irritate the gum tissue with chemicals or artificial ingredients. Not all products are the same. Two ingredients to keep clear of are fluoride and Triclosan.

– Floss Daily.
Floss teeth properly as well.This can help to remove food particles that lodge between teeth and prevent decay and infection which can lead to receding gums. Many people only floss sporadically, for best results, gently floss after every meal.

– Use a Natural Antibacterial Mouthwash.
As a final follow up, rinse the mouth with a mouthwash that contains peppermint, cloves or sage. Do this for at least one minute and be sure to spit it out, don’t swallow. Swallowing can take the toxins that are being removed from the mouth and disperse them throughout the body and lead to other infections.

Proper oral hygiene can help control infections and other causes of gum disease that can lead to gum recession. If gums are already receding this procedure can help to regenerate healthy tissue and restore a healthy smile.

Can Receding Gums be Reversed Naturally?

how to reverse receding gums naturallyYes, it is possible, but only if you work with your dentist and kill one of the root causes -- bacteria!

Either way, you’re sure to be well on the path to restoring that great smile when you begin taking better care of your gums and teeth. It may take being more mindful of what you’re eating and drinking and paying careful attention to oral hygiene, but over the course of time, this will become as routine as getting dressed in the morning.

How do you reverse receding gums? You can begin the process of restoration right now. It’s going to take some time. The condition didn’t happen overnight and it won’t go away with just one treatment.

Discover how to reverse gum recession naturally without surgery.