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OraMD Reviews is my evaluation of an all-natural oral hygiene product that I have been using for several years. So I have quite a bit of experience with the product.

oramd reviewsGum health is extremely important! I am now convinced of this and do everything possible to protect my overall health by maintaining proper dental hygiene with the help of my dentist. Several years ago I was developing receding gums in a very rapid manner. Yet my gums were sensitive and I did not want to expose them to chemicals. So eventually I came across this natural oil toothpaste.

I learned that bacteria overgrowth in the mouth and poor oral hygiene are linked to heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes complications. Furthermore, I was concerned about gum recession and losing my teeth. So I started using this solution many years ago. Therefore, my OraMD Review is the fruit of my challenges with receding gums and gum disease. I understand your concerns…

OraMD Reviews – What is it and How it Helped Me?

OraMD is an all-natural solution. This is important since, as mentioned above, my gums were very sensitive. I did not want to risk further damage, yet I needed to kill and control the bacteria in my gum line. So I chose this natural toothpaste because it is natural. There are not artificial chemicals.

It contains a exact combination of oils of almond, spearmint, and peppermint that have been proven to kill bacteria. For me this was a win.

The oil combination is intended to be part of an overall dental plan that includes the following: regular dental visits, and daily habits that include flossing and brushing. The world’s leading preventative dentist endorses OraMD, therefore that reassured me.

OraMD Reviews – What I Like

  1. Compact Bottle: I take the bottle with me everywhere. It’s small and convenient. I add a few drops to my tongue when I have smelly breath.
  2. OraMD ingredients are natural: As I mentioned above, I didn’t want the irritation from chemicals and dyes.  My gums were bad enough.
  3. My periodontal pockets grew back!: There are some areas of gum loss that will probably not come back. However, when my dentist was doing the measurements of my periodontal pockets at 1-2 years of use, the depths were not as they were before. So they did grow back. This was a huge relief for me. I fear losing my teeth.
  4. It kills bacteria: This stuff is potent. I love the refreshing taste in my mouth. If I have bad breath I use it as a mouth rinse or to do oil pulling through my gum line and teeth.  OraMD kills bacteria! This point alone make me continue to use it since this is the root cause of my receding gums.
  5. One-Year Money Back Guarantee. Although I don’t pay attention to this after 8 years of use, it is still a big plus. They are honest folks that stand by the product, its effectiveness, and quality.oramd extra strength reviews

OraMD Reviews – What I Didn’t Like

  1. It doesn’t whiten teeth that well. Since OraMD is oil only, it does not brighten teeth. I remedy this by brushing with baking soda every once in a while.
  2. Bottles run out. I use this stuff for everything – breath freshener, oil toothpaste, rub for gum sores, and even to leave a mint scent in the bathroom. So I have to get extra bottles.
  3. The flavor can be too strong. Because of my history with gum recession, I chose to use the extra strength formula, which has a very power taste.  So it may be too powerful. However, there is an OraMD original formula, which is milder.

OraMD Reviews – Overall Summary

ora md reviewsI continue to use OraMD since it satisfies my needs to have a product that is all-natural and that actually deals with the root cause of my gum disease problem – it kills bacteria. The strong taste and lack of strong teeth whitening abilities are not a major negative since I can make up for it with baking soda.

There is no OraMD scam here. They are a real company based in Lexington, Kentucky. They have a good reputation with Better Business Bureau (BBB). I like their service and care for customers. Anyway, that is my 2 cents! Here’s a video I found that describes it a bit more.

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