Fluoride-Free Periodontal Toothpaste for Gum Disease

Is there a need for a natural periodontal toothpaste for gum disease that does not contain toxic ingredients? Absolutely yes!

Dangers of Not using an all-natural toothpaste for gum disease

Chemicals are in most of the products we use every day. The cumulative effects can be harmful leading to cancer, hormonal problems and other issues. We need to think about the substances that we use each day and examine the ingredients and their long-term effects.

Have you ever stopped to think about the long-term effects of toxic periodontal toothpaste, mouthwash, and even dental floss?  Over the years, there have been ongoing arguments about such additives as fluoride and triclosan. Different test results have shown different outcomes depending on whether the researcher was for or against the additive. There is always a bias!

non fluoride natural toothpaste for gum disease

The government has not provided a definitive statement on the long-term consequences of every toxic exposure. Therefore, a growing number of families have decided to use natural products for their dental hygiene needs. Natural fluoride-free toothpaste for gum disease, without triclosan, is one example. Such products are readily available from manufacturers (OraMD review), or you can make your own natural fluoride-free toothpaste from recipes listed online.

Most natural toothpaste alternatives contain such ingredients as glycerin and baking soda.  Oils of almond, peppermint or spearmint extract are excellent properties to kill bacteria. This is crucial because bacteria is one of the main causes of periodontal disease.

Hydrogen peroxide is used as part of a fluoride-free toothpaste in order to whiten teeth. Orange peel can be added for flavor. Powdered sage can reportedly help eliminate germs, fight stains, and act as natural remedies for gum disease. The number of useful natural ingredients for dental health is impressive.

Natural oral hygiene is not complete without a natural mouthwash. It is an essential element in the battle to reverse receding gums naturally. Additionally, the breath stays fresh. There are several recipes available. Some use vodka as a germ killer. A simple recipes involves heating glycerin, aloe vera gel, and witch hazel together and adding peppermint oil.

Possible Dangers of Fluoride and Triclosan

natural toothpaste and mouthwash for gum diseaseScientific evidence has been mounting for years. Fluoride and other additives do little to help prevent tooth decay or kill bacteria. They may actually be harmful. The FDA announced that it will not allow the use of Triclosan (report).

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Triclosan does harm to the body. A plethora of studies demonstrate that it messes with human hormones and that it is implicated in the rise of super bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics. It also is said to break down into a known carcinogen, dioxin.

Environmental scientists and consumer advocates are telling people to go back to just using regular soap and water. That old combination, they say, does as much against germs as the questionable antibacterial soap.

Some companies have entirely eliminated Triclosan and certain chemicals or they have created a separate brand. These are companies that produce skin care products, hair and bath products, and even health supplements.

Fluoride has long been the object of objections, both against the movement for fluoridated water and its use in toothpaste and mouthwash. There are any number of reputable studies that show that the substance can be harmful to humans, even in the small doses used in toothpaste. So the movement is being countered with a new movement toward fluoride free toothpaste and other natural dental products.

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Some studies show that fluoride is a poison, which is only slightly less toxic than arsenic. It collects in the bones and makes them brittle and subject to breaking. The substance also is linked to a higher number of cancer deaths in the U.S. These studies have caused a surge in research for chemical-free toothpaste and natural mouthwash.

According to a 1990 study on fluoride dangers, Mayo Clinic studies to treat osteoporosis actually resulted in more hip fractures and fragile bones. A year earlier, the Argonne National Laboratories confirmed the ability of fluoride to change normal cells into cancer cells. Fluoride is linked to a rare form of liver cancer in mice and oral tumors in rats. Meanwhile, the New Jersey Department of Health tracked men who were exposed to fluoridated water and found they suffered a higher rate of bone cancer than men who were not so exposed.

The Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center  listed 10 major health dangers that it says can be traced to fluoride use. They include the following:

  • the breakdown of collagen in bone, tendons, skin, lungs, and kidneys;
  • the suppression of thyroid activity and formation of antibodies in the blood;
  • the blocking of white blood cells from being able to attack foreign agents;
  • the depletion of energy reserves and the premature aging of the body.

Get a non fluoride toothpaste for gum disease.  Remove these chemicals and prevent them from entering your mouth. Do not forget to consult with your dentist.

Many brands of dental floss contain perfluorinated polymers (PFCs), which is a coating that make them slide through your teeth easier.  They have been connected with a higher risk of cancers of the breast, prostate, testicles, and liver. They suspect the substance to be related to birth defects and problems with the immune system.

periodontal toothpaste for gum disease

Remember, you are responsible for your health and that of your children. Be sure to learn more about the many natural alternatives to fluoride toothpaste and chemical products.

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